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The following images are products that I designed or assisted in the design of, for Illuminations. The Illuminations logo you see here is a link to the Illuminations website incase you would like to see what other products they offer.

As with many products designed, there are always modifications with items. In some cases, the modifications are noticeable, and in others they are material. So as expected, many of the products I initially designed, were modified by the Manufacturer for various reasons. Material, cost, size, shipping costs, and in some cases, even the art is changed due to the complexity initially requested. These products are products I was a primary designer of, but as I can now see, some have been changed from the initial designs requested.

Illuminations Logo

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Espal1er Screen

I did the art for this project using Adobe Illustrator and then put a quick visual sample together using Bryce 3D (version 5). The final product was modified from the version they wanted from me. The new design was changed to have less branches and leaves from what they initially requested.

Witch Taper

I did the art for this project using Adobe Illustrator and then put a quick visual sample together using Bryce 3D (version 5). I created a variety of tapers for this project. Many different styles (spiders, pumpkins, skulls, etc.), thus giving them a large choice of what they would want to go with. So far, this year, they opted to go with this Witch taper.

Witch Shadow Lantern

I did the art for this project using Adobe Illustrator and then put a quick visual sample together using Bryce 3D (version 5). I created a variety of lanterns for this project. Many different styles using the same theme as the tapers (spiders, pumpkins, skulls, etc.), thus, once again, giving them a large choice of what they would want to go with.

Spider Shadow Lantern

Again, as with the Witch Shadow Lantern, same process but a different visual.

Hanging, Hook, and Sitting Spider

I created the various spiders doing initial sketch work on a pad, then, from there, I put the design together using Brice 3D (version 5). I felt that the 3D program would permit the glass artist to see more clearly what Illuminations wanted as an end product. The technical drawings would not give the visual that was needed for the artist. The spec sheet was done in Illustrator.

Gnarly Tapers

Candles that look like a tree branch or piece of wood. For this, I went outside and just looked at nature, found what I thought they wanted and presented it. They only asked for one taper from me and only a rough. At the time, they explained that they were not sure if that was going to be a product they would work with or not. Thus, I emailed them the drawing with this one. It appears they chose to go with the product after all.

Old Fence

The fence project was actually part of a huge project that entailed a lot of elements. I have put the drawings here of what I put together for it all. It appears that, at this time, Illuminations has opted to only use the fence. The products I put together were, 2 different haunted houses, a fence, scary gate, and a few other elements.

Spooky Tea Lights

Of all the products I was working on. I would say the Tea lights were the most fun. Creating so many different images. It was just a ball. The final product is quite a bit different than what I expected. The samples I looked at were manufactured differently so the detail was more prevalent. Yet, these work well too. You can see an additional sample of a Pumpkin tea light in the Illustrator section of my portfolio.

Glass Pumpkins

The glass pumpkins were not a difficult project but fun. I was anxious to see what the end result would be like. In addition to the pumpkins, I also assisted on the packaging. Please note, I did not create the packaging, but I did assist in it's creation. I have that sample here as well.

Glowing Skull Lantern & Glowing Owl Lantern

The Skull lantern project was a true challenge, I am not sure how many different skulls I drew, nor how many times I changed this skull from a scary skull to a happy skull to something in-between. In the end, it was great and the product turned out fantastic. As for the Owl, it was pretty much the same. Trying to come up with an Owl that would stand out, look scary yet not too scary at the same time. The end result again, is great.

Floating Skull Tea Light

As many skulls as I created and presented, I was rather amazed and delighted to see that they decided to use the Skull Lantern art for this tea light as well. That skull was a great end result and could tie together a lot of different products. The Skull Wax Bag shown lower down in the samples for example utilized a piece that came from the designing of the skull lantern.

Color Changing Skull

Again, another example of how the artwork created for one product is put to use for yet another.

Consistency in Design and Product.

The great part of working on the project was how many different items the designs would and could be used for. The consistency of the image makes for a collection of products that is not only useful for a holiday but fun to collect as well.

Hanging Metal Bat & Wax Pumpkins

This was perhaps one of the more difficult projects. It started out with a simple concept with little work evolved by what I was initially given, and evolved into a complex project that was to have multiple uses.

The first design was actually done to permit the bat to hang upside down OR to sit right side up. I have not had an opportunity to see if that aspect of the design was taken into account with the end result created by the manufacturer. The cost might have been more than desirable and thus, it sits upright.

The wax pumpkins were a simple project since the need was more of a design of faces to go with a standard size that was determined later. The great part of the pumpkins was that the faces could be used later for other products as well. Tea lights, Floating tea lights, and such.

Floating Bat

I never expected to see the bat as a floating candle but it seems to work well. I designed a variety of different bats for many other possible products.

In The End

In the end, I would say the Halloween assortment that I worked with Illuminations came out great. It was fantastic working with the folks that I worked with and they were very helpful when I needed some clarification. I hope that anyone that works with the same folks I did have as great an experience that I did.

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